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Shandong Hengze New Material Group Co., Ltd.

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Prepainted Galvanized/Galvalume Steel Roofing Sheet Advantages:

With Any Colour,has the following advantages: 

1) Easy installation;    

2) Amazing economy;

3) Reduplicate execution;

4) Good fire resistance;

5) Hail-resistance;

6) Earthquake resistance;

7) Storm resistance;

8) Wind resistance.

 Prepainted Galvanized/Galvalume Steel Roofing Sheet Applications:

PPGI /PPGL Corrugated Roofing Sheet ,With Any Colour has been widely used in the construction industry. 

The main applications are:

construction industry:factory buildings, agricultural warehouses, walls, cold storage, doors, houses Light steel structure, ceiling, etc. 

1.Various roofing, wall decoration: 

2, interior and exterior decoration materials:                                             

3, floor structure of civil residential building:  

4, factory building:

5, exhibition hall, sports center, power plant, railway station and other public buildings.

20200501101412679.png     20200501101412679.png

Types of Prepainted Galvanized/Galvalume Steel Roofing Sheet:

Our company can supply many different types of corrugated steel sheet,like as follows:

Glazed Roofing Sheet                  Wave  Roofing Sheet                         Classical Tile


Sandwich Steel Panel                  Profile Roofing Sheet                          Wood Tile


                     Bond Tile                              Shingle Tile                             Roman Tile


                      Wood Tile                              Milano Tile                             Spanish Tile


                Fish Scale Tile                        Interlocking Tile                           Wave Tile






PPGI/PPGL Steel Roofing Sheet
PPGI /PPGL Corrugated Roofing Sheet ,With Any Colour has been widely used in the construction industry.